Terms of partnership

We offer simple and convenient form of participation

How to become GAME’s shareholder

  • 1

    Get access to your personal profile on fundingames.ru
  • 2

    Review the terms of the agreement and related materials and apply for signing
  • 3

    Sign a convertible loan agreement with the Company and set the amount of shares
  • 4

    Monitor portfolio statistics and dynamics via your personal account in fundingames.ru

Terms & Conditions

  • The GAME fee directly depends on the profitability of our customers
  • The GAME fee is applied by issuing additional shares


To sell the shares, current shareholders can:

  • Sign a share redemption option agreement. According to the agreement, shareholders' shares can be redeemed at any time upon their request. Shares are sold at a 10 % discount of the actual price during the first year of holding thereof. The discount becomes invalid upon the lapse of the year.

  • If you wish to sell shares, address GAME 30 days prior to the opening of the investment window: July, November, March. We help sell shares at a current price based on the group’s net asset value.

GAME’s basic strategy is to increase net asset value based on the increasing value of purchased game assets.

The item sales profit is reinvested in new items and increases investors’ long-term earnings.

How are the shares valued?

  • Share value is equal to the fund’s net asset value.
  • Secondary share sale. In this case, the share value is determined based on the demand/supply balance, and it may differ from the fund asset value.
  • GAME monthly publishes in shareholders' personal account a report on Company’s asset value and a share’s estimated value as a ratio between the general asset value and the number of issued shares.
  • GAME may announce a share buy-back at a value equivalent to that of the fund’s net assets.
    In this case, everyone desiring to sell a share may present it for redemption.

A brief presentation of GAME

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