Earn strategy

With a deposit of RUB 100,000
Approximate estimated annual earnings: RUB 70,000

How we earn money

  1. Our analysts identify what items we should buy and when
  2. We purchase game items and sell them once the price increases by 40–100 %
  3. We fix the income and sell 50 % to 70 % of our items once the price grows by 100 %.
  4. We hold the remaining items until it grows by 200 % to 300 %


We create diversified game artifacts portfolios, for hedging purposes. Our analysts identify the set of items and an optimal point of entry/exit based on:

  • Vast maket expertise and historical performance analysis
  • A fundamental demand/supply analysis
  • Technical analysis of price volatility and transaction volume

The Shattered Web Network operation

  • Purchase

    Item purchased in January 2020
  • Sale

    Withdrawn in August through September
  • Earning

    141 %
    Closed position profit

A brief presentation of GAME

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